Integrating Your Grief and Healing Your Heart

Assimilating Grief

19 Week Guided Journey



Major Life Transition


grief is love

One on One Wholeness Reclamation

Though one specific loss likely led you here, you have experienced many losses and heartbreaks. This is a 19 week guided journey to allow grief to be assimilated and experienced as love. Just as you don’t get through or resolve love, grief is not meant to be fixed or finished. Love is a sacred holding, as is grief. So to fall in love IS to fall in grief. Grief and Love are holy, sacred and normal responses to loss which happens when what’s expected is disrupted. Disappointment is loss and it matters. Grief meets and nourishes places of loss. Something beautiful grows, though we do not know what that will be. Our focus is on loving your heart to heal and strengthen your overall wellness. You are invited to allow the full human experience and encounter immense joy and satisfaction amidst pain and sorrow. The 19-Week Grief Integration Program focuses on healing your heart to consider the life you want. Grieving opens the window to the full human experience so you can begin creating a life of immense satisfaction and joy.

Living With Loss Healing Circle

Community Campfire

Meets Once a Week for Ninety Minutes

For Connection

For Belonging

For Community

For Wholeness

normalizing grief

Community Support Healing Circles

This community campfire is for all things human inviting love to all the places you have experienced loss. It meets as a group on Zoom for 90 minutes per week for nine weeks and honors all forms of loss - death, divorce, faith deconstruction, life change, various transitions, sorrows for our world (environmental, political, racial, cultural loss), loss of community and belonging, ancestral grief, and anything else present. There is no grief too big or too small to receive love in this circle.

Staff Development


By Contract Requirements

Addressing Poverty

Workplace Wellness

Shared Vision and Mission

Conflict Resolution

Client Development


By Contract Requirements

Emotional Regulation

Workplace Wellness

Peer Support

Conflict Resolution

Workshops & training

Person First Facilitation

Our facilitation enables individuals to cultivate tools for improved communication, find common ground with others and create healthy, compassionate and thriving environments. 

Together we practice listening without judgment, speaking one-at-a-time from one’s personal experience rather than opinion, and releasing the need to advise or fix another.

This simple shift fosters a safe and intentional environment for individuals to give voice to their stories, discover common values, support community, cooperation and wellbeing.

This approach provides a compassionate, non-judgmental space that nurtures empathy, understanding, and community that strengthens relationships.

Staff Development

Legit You offers an array of staff development opportunities that include: Wellness in the Workplace, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Conflict Resolution, Creating Shared Vision, Communication and more.

Workshops are customized to meet and reach your unique organizational needs and goals. 

Client Development

We offer group mentoring for your clients that support resilience, self efficacy, individual and program goals with facilitators skilled in modalities that include Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World, Motivational Interviewing, Wellness Recovery, Peer Support, and more.

Workshops are customized to support the needs and goals of each person and program.

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