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Grief is a Natural and Human Response to Loss

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assimilating grief

One on One Grief is Love

Though one specific loss may have led you here, you have experienced many losses and heartbreaks. This is a 19 week guided journey to allow grief to be assimilated and met by love.

Just as you don’t get through or resolve love, grief is not meant to be fixed or finished. Love is a sacred holding, as is grief. So to fall in love IS to fall in grief. Grief and Love are holy, sacred and normal responses to loss which happens when what’s expected is disrupted. Disappointment is loss and it matters. 

Grief meets and nourishes places of loss. Something beautiful grows, though we do not know what that will be. Our focus is on loving your heart to heal and strengthen your overall wellness. You are invited to allow the full human experience and encounter immense joy and satisfaction amidst pain and sorrow.

The 20-Week Grief Integration Program focuses on healing your heart to consider the life you want. Grieving opens the window to the full human experience so you can begin creating a life of immense satisfaction and joy.

living with loss campfire

A supportive community

If you feel alone in your pain, like people wouldn't get you, this circle is for you. If you think there aren’t places you can be fully yourself and be accepted, come. We meet on Zoom for 90 minutes every week for 9-Weeks and welcome all kinds of people with all kinds of loss. Whether you’ve lost a loved one, are dismantling your faith, don’t know what you believe, or who you are, this is for you. There is no person and no grief, too big or too small to receive love here.

person first training

Legit You Facilitation Approach

Legit You facilitation is a mindfulness-based approach that starts with honoring each person.

Whatever the workshop focus, we bring individuals together under the guidance of trained facilitators, for candid, heartfelt and intentional conversations.

Our facilitation enables individuals to cultivate tools for communication, finding common ground, and creating healthy, compassionate and thriving environments.

Staff Development

Legit You offers an array of staff development opportunities that include: Wellness in the Workplace, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Conflict Resolution, Creating Shared Vision, Communication and more.

Workshops are customized to meet and reach your unique organizational needs and goals. 

Client Development

Group mentoring for your clients that promotes self efficacy, individual and program goals including modalities such as Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World, Motivational Interviewing, Wellness Recovery, Peer Support, and more.

Workshops are customized to support the needs and goals of each person and program.

I guide people who are feeling devastated by loss

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to integrate grief, and reconnect with themselves and those they love.

I want you to know that grief heals.

Grief brought me back to life

Raising me from automaton to human. Now I see grief as love – love that resurrected me from lifeless robot. Even though absolutely NO ONE would have called me lifeless I was ‘should-ing’ my way through life, going through the motions AND so distant from my true self.

I invite beautiful humans to join me in reconnecting to ourselves, each other, and the world. ‘should-ing’ my way through life. 

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."Mother Teresa

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